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Startup Fund is the platform that tracks key performance startup metrics. As the founder, you will receive an amazing analytic overview that you can use for personal or business use, regardless if you are currently fundraising or not.

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How We Invest

We make data-driven investments

We invest primarily in technology startups. The Startup Fund platform tracks their key performance metrics with our analytic tools.

Review Process

Our review process

Our process is highly selective because our model is designed to create a portfolio with very specific characteristics. We make our decision shortly after checking your data.

  • We review your startup profile to make sure we have all the information we need.
  • We run your data through our objective model to determine whether your company is a good fit for us.
  • You get notified of the outcome. If your company is not a good fit, you can still use the platform for free to track your metrics.
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Key Features

Knowledge Base

In order to help you grow your business and succeed, we provide an entire database that’s packed with knowledge to help entrepreneurs skyrocket and fundraise with their businesses.

With this, you will benefit especially during the idea stage, as well with finding useful information that will help you in any other stage. The Knowledge Base includes articles which cover basic topics with “how-to” information, step-by-step guidelines and free recommended tools.

Knowledge base

Recommended Services and Perks

We’ve partnered with some of the most useful services to help you run your business. Whether it’s sending emails to your clients, managing the team’s work or supporting developers by providing them with handy tools – all of our partners provide massive discounts you can only get through Startup Fund. Sign-up to see them all.

Analytics Overview

Startup Fund lets you track your startup data! Track your company’s performance on your personalized analytics dashboard and compare your business with industry benchmarks.

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Twice a year we select the best startups that use our platfrom and give them a chance to participate in out 4 months acceleration product-oriented program.

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Startup Fund is a VC fund that is focused on early-stage investments into startups working on breakthrough technologies.