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When can I apply for funding?

Only startups with launched product can apply for funding, however we are here to help you to get to this stage. We will guide you step by step on the way.

Can I use the Startup Fund platform even if I don’t plan to apply for funding?

Of course! Our platform is there to help you grow your business. Make use of the knowledge base available or track your KPIs through our automated dashboard at your own convenience. You can apply for funding anytime.

How will you help me grow my business?

Even before you get funded, you can utilize The Startup Fund platform to help you grow your company.

If you’re early on, in the idea stage, you will greatly benefit from our knowledge base with step by step guides and articles giving you the crucial knowledge to launch your business successfully. If you already have an MVP, you’ll appreciate perks and discounts on services from our partners.

Once you get funded, you’ll be supported by our infrastructure of experienced, partners, entrepreneurs in residence and advisors. Read more on how we help startups we fund here.

Who are the investors behind this platform?

Startup Fund is an independent micro VC firm. See our How We Invest page for further information.

How does the Startup Fund Platform analytics work?

You can connect your data about customers with your financial statistics and start tracking your company’s performance on your own analytical dashboard.

You can get:

  • Analytics on your startup performance
  • Track KPIs like ARPU, CLTV and more
  • Industry benchmarks comparisons

How do you protect my data?

We use multiple safeguards to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your information, including ID and password encryption, HTTPs and SSL, and dashboard access controls which can be set by users with different privileges.

What is the process of applying for funding like?

After joining the Startup Fund platform, you’ll be guided through the process step-by-step. You’ll have the opportunity to present your company via your profile. Before we make the decision to invest, we ask for metrics that validate your market fit.

What are the chances I get funded?

Startup Fund screens hundreds of startups every month. Companies with traction have the highest chance to get funded.

Does my company need to be based in a particular city or country?

We primarily invest into United States based startups, and you can be based out of any state or city within the country. Our fund strategy accounts for a small percentage of our portfolio being based outside the United States.

How can I take advantage of exclusive deals?

If you are interested in any of the deals provided by our partners, please follow the instructions provided below the given offer. You either need to click the button to claim the offer or write a message to your Startup Fund assistant. Once you contact the assistant, you’ll be given details on how to proceed.

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