Analytics Overview

Track your startup performance

You can connect your data about customers with your financial statistics and start tracking your company’s performance on your own analytical dashboard.

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What you can get


Startup performance analytics


Track key metrics like ARPU, CLTV and more


Industry benchmarks comparisons

Cloud Applications Integrations

All web accessible resources are set to automatically refresh every day. If the platform detects a change in your data, your dashboard will automatically update.

What data sources can I connect?

You can easily connect data from sources that we are already supporting. We support mobile and web applications by using Google Analytics, Google Play and the App Store. Payment gateways like Braintree or Stripe are supported as well.

Google Play

Industry benchmarking

Do you know how much money your competitors get from their users? And do you know how much the standard is in your industry? Compare your data with our benchmarks based on your industry and markets.

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Importing Tools

You can upload files with your data from your computer in XML, Excel, CSV or JSON file. But we prefer the automated way of data sourcing.


Data Security

We use multiple safeguards to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your information, including ID and password encryption, HTTPs and SSL, and dashboard access controls which can be set by users with different privileges.

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